Example Run for PosoMAS

These pages contain an example run of the Process for open self-organising Multi-Agent Systems (PosoMAS). This example run details a simulated development effort of a case study from autonomous power management with a limited scope. Artefacts and milestones are detailed and information about the practical implementation of the process are provided. Please refer to the process description for details about the process lifecycle, the practices it is composed of, and the elements used in the execution of the run. The Project Plan and the Project Burndown Report provide information about the simulation effort, the planned work and the progress made.

The release date of PosoMAS used for the case study is July 28, 2014. The project maintainer is Jan-Philipp Steghöfer. The simulated development effort was conducted together with Hella Seebach and Benedikt Eberhardinger.


This material is made available under the Creative Commons—Attribution-ShareAlike License v3.0.

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